This Morning

This morning was like that Nivea advert, the one where the two elderly ladies open the front door to go out only to be confronted by sheeting rain. The difference being that I did continue on my journey to plot rather than retiring back indoors for a cup of tea.

The positives of the week are that I have managed a quick trip every day this week mainly to do slug patrol and a bit of weeding and that the continuing (never ending) wet weather has afforded me the opportunity to indulge my fascination for the Leveson Inquiry to the full.

Another benefit I realised as I stood back to take a look at the plot overall today is how green and healthy everything looks albeit about a month behind where it should be. Here are some pictures.

This is Ellison’s Orange that is being grown as a cordon at the front of the plot it came from Ken Muir and this will be its second year.

The revamped herb bed plants from the local garden centre and Hooksgreen Herbs, even the dry loving Silver Thyme is doing well.

Lastly, one of three gooseberry bushes, Invicta a cooking variety from Pennard Plants. I know these should be netted as should our strawberries but because they look so much nicer without I’m engaged is a game of brinkmanship with the birds.

Wish me luck.


Carpenters Nursery

Knowing we we going away at the end of May we purposely held back from sowing too many seeds, some things we will be done now for harvesting later in the season and everything else will be supplemented from the excellent stock at Carpenters Nursery a small independent a few miles north of St Albans.

I say small but really they stock everything you might need plant wise as well as all the sundries.




And a full range of fresh vegetables, fruit and eggs.

We came away with Little Gem lettuces, mixed salad leaves, more peas and butternut squash.

There is no website but the contact details are as follows:

01727 853340

106 St Albans Road


We arrived back from our holiday in Portugal on Saturday.  I had tried to forget about the plot while we were away but once south coast came into view it was nigh on impossible and within two hours of landing at Gatwick we were unlocking the gate to the site.  All had survived the mini heatwave that occurred in our absence, mainly due to all those who so kindly took the time to water our things whilst also having to take care of their own. Many Thanks.

Astrantia Snow Star.

The first crop of Aquadulce Claudia Broad Beans.

Trailing Verbena Silver Magic.

Sweetcorn Zuccherino Mais.

We did lose the peas planted in the grow bag due to an infestation of snails, Derek found twenty, but they hadn’t done any damage elsewhere so we now know that the distraction technique works.