Getting Involved

There’s a great social life to had at the allotment and it’s easy to spend a the morning chatting with fellow plot holders and drinking coffee only to realise at lunchtime that you still have that very long list of jobs that still need doing.  Mostly it will be informal but also it’s likely that there will some organised events communicated via the site notice board.

Southbourne Gardens

Local Horticultural Society

These are usually located to close to allotment sites and often have a Sunday morning trading hut, you have to be a member to buy from them but the joining fee is usually only a couple of pounds and they are very useful for any forgotten bits and pieces.

Plant Swaps & Sales

The first year we had our plot we were overwhelmed by generosity.  Through April and May seldom a visit went by without us being offered some seedlings or plants that were going spare.  There is also a plant swap on our site at the end of May that you can donate ‘extras’ to with the money collected going to charity.


Of course it may not be a barbecue but you get the gist.  We usually have one at the end of the summer.


Even if managed by the council there are usually plenty of jobs around the site that need doing to keep it good order.  This often relies on people who have plots on the site taking part either on an ad hoc basis or via a working party.


How to Find An Allotment Plot

Where To Start

Finding A Site

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Getting Involved