Taking Notes

When I started planting on the allotment Derek encouraged me to keep records of what I was doing and when.  Although I knew this made sense, sometimes I felt like it and sometimes not, so I have been sketchy around this to say the least.  I did pick up Smythson’s Panama Gardening Notes, admittedly beautiful as all their products are, laughed at the price and put it straight back down given it would spend most of the time kicking around in a green house… So in the main my record keeping over the last two seasons has been reduced to keeping the empty seed packets in a tin.  However while browsing around Selfridges pre Christmas I found this.

With sections covering plants, tools, visits and a garden log, it seems pretty much ideal. Pleasingly utilitarian on the outside, beautifully detailed inside and at A5 in size not too cumbersome to carry around
It is available from their website www.simplymoleskine.com for £15.99 or of course from Selfridges.