Some of our tomato plants have taken on a definite tinge of purple since planting out at the beginning of June, they are also not growing as well as might be expected and in general look a bit sickly.  A quick romp around Google, what would we do without it, reveals this to be a deficiency in potassium.

Tomato Black Russian

Here we are right at the end of June. How did that happen?  As to be expected now we’re into mid Summer things have really taken off. We made a decision to empty the cold frames completely because of the heat.  The Cayenne, Ancho and Kung Po chillies are now planted right at the front of the plot whilst all the other varieties are in gravel trays at the side of the greenhouse, where whilst they might not get full sun all day the do get some protection from the easterly wind that often affects us.

Hungarian Hot Wax

NGS Garden Rooksnest

A day off yesterday from the plot and go scurrying off to Berkshire to a garden that’s been on my visit wish list for a couple of years now.  Being part of the National Gardens Scheme it’s a private garden that’s only open three days per year so I’d put a very firm date in the diary so I didn’t miss it yet again.



Whilst having a restorative slice of cake I started chatting to one of the other visitors who asked if I was going to Rooksnest which was also open and just a couple of miles away.  Truth to tell I’d had planned to rush back to watch tennis but she told me I’d be foolish not to go and  that Andy Murray would manage perfectly well without my support, which of course he did.



I’m glad I took her advice, the garden was a stunning, perhaps not the most insightful of views but on a glorious summer’s day I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather have been.



On a final note, opinion on the NGS seems to be mixed, with criticism of the standard in some cases, mine for what it’s worth that that people open their private gardens for good causes, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to visit and you get a nice afternoon out with cake and in this case a plant sale thrown in and if you get some sunshine then there’s not much better than that.

Details of the National Gardens Scheme here and Rooksnest here.

I’m linking this post to Annie’s How Does Your Garden Grow over at her blog Mammasaurus.