St Tropez Salad

Why St Tropez? A spur of the moment name because it’s warmer than the south of France here today, certainly too hot to cook and also it put me in mind of the type of food I like to eat when on holiday.  Continuing the theme we’re lucky enough to  have a proper family run French patisserie in Eastcote that sells all sorts of wonderful waistline expanding deliciousness including a favourite baguette studded with green olives that goes well with this.

St Tropez Salad

Quick to pull together, the salad uses Feta cheese, a favourite of mine, mozzarella would also be good if you prefer a milder taste and because there’s a lot of big flavours going on the dressing is very simple, a couple of spoonfuls of olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

St Tropez Salad

Glass of ice cold rosé anyone?

St Tropez Salad

Yield: 2

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 15 minutes


A bunch of watercress washed and trimmed

Two large tomatoes cut into eight wedges

An avocado peeled and chopped into chunks

One red onion sliced thinly

Black olives - I used Kalamata olives in brine

Half a pack of Feta cheese

A tablespoon of fresh lemon juice

Two tablespoons of olive oil


Put the watercress on a large plate.

Arrange the rest of the main ingredients on top.

Mix together the lemon juice and olive oil and spoon over the salad.