An Apple A Day

Back in September we flew to Geneva for a few days to visit the European Organisation for Nuclear Research or CERN and more specifically the Large Hadron Collider, despite my woeful knowledge of particle physics* I was beyond excited.  Was it like Angels and Demons?  Aside from the retina scanners the answer is absolutely not, but none the less impressive for that.  Both the scale of the site and the implications of the work that the 10,000 or  so scientists undertake on a daily basis make it a truly amazing experience.

So why am I telling you this?  Well, it’s a tenuous link, but Swiss food is really rather good and one of my favourite things is Bircher muesli, the rub is that it wasn’t on the menu at our hotel or anywhere else we went to eat.  Feeling a bit cheated by this I made a big vat of it as soon as we got home using some of the Braeburn apples harvested from the plot.  Once you get the base how you like it becomes a moveable feast for any fresh or dried fruit and nuts you might want to add.  Here is my recipe.



100 gms  oats
200 ml  milk
30 gms  flaked almonds – toasted
50 gms  dried raisins
50 ml natural yoghurt
An apple
Some Honey


Add the milk to the oats, raisins and nuts.  Mix, cover and leave in the fridge overnight.

In the morning coarsely grate the apple and stir this in to the oats along with the yoghurt.

Oats vary in the amount of liquid they absorb so if you think it’s a bit thick add a little more milk.

Sweeten with the honey to taste.

This makes three portions of the size you see above and will keep in the fridge for two or three days.

*Take note those of school age; this is what happens if you spend physics lessons sat at the back of the class with Serena Berry writing boys’ names on your pencil case instead of paying attention.

The Science Museum is running an event about the LHC until May next year.  Details are here

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