I’m sat here this afternoon looking at the weather forecast on the Mac Dashboard and willing the sun to come out.  Is there some sort of ritual that can be performed, a kind of rain dance in reverse?  Of course we needed the rain, but a bit of warmth in between the showers would be more than welcome.

The reason for such thoughts?  Well, because we were going on holiday we decided not to sow any seeds until we returned.  I didn’t want to worry about plants in the greenhouse and I didn’t want to burden anyone else with it either.


The plan is to get everything ready for planting out by the end of the first week June and also I want to put some things into a plant swap on the 26th of May that our site warden Bob Godfrey has organised to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

So here we are mid May and we’ve sown;

Cosmos – Purity

Tomatoes – San Marzano

Dwarf Bean – Bellini

Kale – Starbor F1 Hybrid

Peas – Telefono & Meteor for their shoots

Cucumber – Marketmore for Bob’s plant swap but I might keep a two or three back for us

Butterhead Lettuce – Dynamite

Radish – French Breakfast 2

Butternut Squash – Zucca for the plant swap

Sweetcorn – Swift F1 Hybrid mostly for us but some for the plant swap

Pumpkin – Hundredweight for the plant swap, I thought they’d be fun for the children to grow.


So far the sweetcorn, lettuce, radishes and cosmos have made an appearance, everything crossed for the rest.

The links give specific details of the seeds we have used


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