We arrived back from our holiday in Portugal on Saturday.  I had tried to forget about the plot while we were away but once south coast came into view it was nigh on impossible and within two hours of landing at Gatwick we were unlocking the gate to the site.  All had survived the mini heatwave that occurred in our absence, mainly due to all those who so kindly took the time to water our things whilst also having to take care of their own. Many Thanks.

Astrantia Snow Star.

The first crop of Aquadulce Claudia Broad Beans.

Trailing Verbena Silver Magic.

Sweetcorn Zuccherino Mais.

We did lose the peas planted in the grow bag due to an infestation of snails, Derek found twenty, but they hadn’t done any damage elsewhere so we now know that the distraction technique works.

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3 Responses to “Return”

  1. David Ford June 7, 2012 @ 4:25 pm (#)

    Hi Victoria hope you had a good holiday away from this awful rain the, Astrantia snow star is the same as ours and always gives a lovely show, how did you get broad beans so early did you overwinter?, regards,David

  2. Flighty June 8, 2012 @ 1:04 pm (#)

    It’s all looking good, and I like that astrantia ‘White Star’. Slugs and snails have been a real problem lately, not surprisingly in view of how wet it’s been. xx

  3. victoriawildman June 8, 2012 @ 1:16 pm (#)

    Thank you. The astrantia came from Bloms Bulbs last year I’m really pleased with it. Not many slugs so far but over run with snails. Hoping to get a full day in tomorrow.

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