Aquadulce Claudia

The first proper crop we decided to grow at the plot were broad beans, this was more by luck than judgement upon finding a particularly abundant tray of plants at a local garden centre the week after we had constructed the raised beds.  Once they had established they looked fabulous, that is until the black fly discovered them.  The speed of the attack was truly shocking, one day fine, the next infested. In my haste to find a cure I sprayed with a too strong solution of washing up liquid and water the leaves turned black before my eyes.  There were tears.  Witnessing all of this, one of our fellow plot holders recommended the over wintering variety Aquadulce Claudia. I’m pleased to report it works a treat, yes there were a few black fly but the problem was minimal.   The seeds were sown at the end of November and this is how the plants look as of today.

Can’t see them?

The indents in the soil are from the foxes looking for food, so they really should, like most other crops on the allotment, be netted.

They can still be planted through January and February and are available from  Thompson & Morgan.

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