How To Find An Allotment Plot

Having an allotment is a joyous experience for many reasons. The fresh air, the social life, the birdsong in spring and hopefully with a little bit of effort armfuls of gorgeous fresh fruit and vegetables.  Of course I’m assuming that if you’ve got as far as reading this that it’s something you’ve already made your mind up to do and need no further convincing and have started the hunt for a space in which to grow.

Southbourne Gardens

In retrospect, although I looked at a lot of the locations listed in Hillingdon before eventually choosing Southbourne Gardens, it really was more luck than judgement that we found such a good site and subsequently the right plot.  I’m not sure after the long time we had to wait for it coupled with my inexperience that I wouldn’t have grabbed the first thing offered. I realise now that we really fell on our feet.

We were given the choice of two plots and in my keenness to get started I chose the one that I thought needed the least amount of work, of course that’s a big consideration, but by no means the only one.  So I’ve written these pages to help you think about what’s important to you, what you want out of it and choose what I hope will turn out to be your perfect plot.


How to Find An Allotment Plot

Where To Start

Finding A Site

Choosing The Plot

Getting Involved