Tomato And Caper Salad

Yes, I did that thing, I Instagrammed my dinner. A quick snap on the phone and onto social media.  To be fair I do this as much to remember the things I make as to be show-offy about food and in this case I’m glad I did because something that was really put together on the hoof has become one of  this summer’s favourites.


I used a combination of bought red ‘piccolini’ tomatoes and ‘yellow pear’ an heirloom  variety that we’ve grown at the plot, having said that I don’t think it matters which variety tomatoes are used for this but they should be sweet.  It’s the contrast between that  sweetness and the salty, sharp flavour of the capers that make it taste so good. It’s nice served with a ball of buffalo mozzarella or on toasted sour dough as a bruschetta.

Total Time: 10 minutes


Sweet tomatoes at room temperature

Capers in brine

Salt flakes such as Maldon

Olive oil

Small basil leaves


Depending on the size of the tomatoes either slice or cut in half and arrange on a plate.

Drain the capers of excess liquid and scatter over the tomatoes.

Sprinkle over some salt flakes.

Drizzle with olive oil and add some small basil leaves.

Regent’s Park And A Picnic

Of the many pleasures to be had in London one of the best is seeing it wake up in the morning and on a sunny Sunday there’s no better place to do this than one of the central parks. The dog walkers and late night party goers strolling sleepily home, groups of  lycra clad cyclists, keen tennis players on their way to the courts, those looking for breakfast or fun on the water and later in the day the  young couples with the papers, friends sharing their week’s news, tourists, theatre buffs and  families with picnics. If you’re fond of watching life then it’s all here.

DSC_3221 DSC_3231 DSC_3233 DSC_3234 DSC_3246 DSC_3248 DSC_3249 DSC_3254 DSC_3257 DSC_3259 DSC_3264 DSC_3266 DSC_3267 DSC_3273 DSC_3274 DSC_3275 DSC_3279 DSC_3281 DSC_3284 DSC_3286 DSC_3288 DSC_3292 DSC_3300 DSC_3309 DSC_3312 DSC_3323 DSC_3324 DSC_3325 DSC_3326 DSC_3342 DSC_3343 DSC_3347 DSC_3355 DSC_3373 DSC_3395 DSC_3408 DSC_3412 DSC_3416

And us? We were the  family picnickers there to celebrate our grandson Archie’s seventh birthday. From little boy to proper boy in one short year.

Happy Birthday Archie!


All details about Regent’s Park, playing tennis, other sports, the theatre and the boating lake can be found here.

The nearest underground station is Regent’s Park or if you plan to drive there’s plenty of pay & display spaces in the Inner Circle which is the first turning left after Madame Tussaud’s driving in an easterly direction.


I am linking this post to Annie’s How Does Your Garden Grow over at her blog Manneskjur.

Tuesday Plotlines

A quick dash to the plot this morning between the stormy showers, in the main just to make sure that the all the canes supporting tomatoes and beans are standing up to the strong winds and of course to check on the aubergines, yes that is a plural because on Sunday we found another three.

Runner Bean Wisley Magic

Dahlia Eileen

Plums from the neighbouring plot were all over the path and  another slew of  small unripe windfall apples.  Valerie has been cooking these, has anyone tried it?  A couple of the heavily laden San Marzano  tomato plants had blown over into the chilli peppers inspite of my efforts at the weekend to remove excess foliage and the  Sweet Ingrid bell peppers had also fallen over even though they have a sheltered position at the side of the green house.  A bit of string and some more canes to support them and we’re all back to normal.

San Marzano

Sweet Corn



The first of the sweet corn were picked today and Sonia and Steadman gave me a bunch of carrots the first of which I’ve already eaten for lunch, the rest will used in the One Minute Carrot Salad  a recipe from Le Pain Quotidien cookery book, I think it’s essentially shredded carrot with a dressing.  Sonia’s also promised to make her marrow bake recipe for us to try tomorrow.  A treat to look forward to.

Thank you for reading.



I am linking this post to Annie’s How Does Your Garden Grow over at her blog Manneskjur.