Planting Broad Beans & Garlic

As those who read regularly know, we posted Autumn jobs a couple of weeks ago, well we’ve made good progress. Or rather I should say we’ve tackled ‘the low hanging fruit’, that is the nice clean jobs that take an hour here and half an hour there, leaving the greenhouse, the water butt and the chaos of discarded pots, broken bamboo canes and fallen leaves that lurks behind it for a non rainy day, of which there seem to be precious few at the moment.


There has also been some planting. The garlic has gone in, the same varieties as last time, Lautrec Wight, Chesnook Wight, Edenrose and so have the broad beans, Aquadulce Claudia.  We didn’t plant these until Spring this year and the resulting crop was not great as well as being beset by black fly, so we’re going back to the old routine.  it is worth noting that if the ground is particularly wet or even waterlogged then better to wait until it’s dried out a bit to prevent rotting.

Both crops have been netted to protect from cats, squirrels, birds etc.


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