Asparagus Soup

What a glorious day. The picture below was taken on Dai Bevan’s plot late this morning. My favourite way to eat asparagus is lightly steamed and dipped ‘soldier’ style into soft boiled eggs. It feels like the best breakfast ever. Failing that I like to make a soup, this one, adapted from Simon Hopkinson’s gorgeous book Roast Chicken and Other Stories, is delicious.


25 gms butter

4 leeks, white part only, trimmed and finely sliced

1 potato, medium sized, peeled and diced

450gm asparagus trimmed of any ‘woody’ bits and peeled if necessary

900ml vegetable stock

Salt and Pepper

A splosh of cream if you like


Melt the butter and sweat the leeks until soft.

Add the stock and the potato, simmer gently until the potato is soft.

Chop the asparagus and add, cook for a further five minutes.

Blend throughly and pass through a sieve.  Season to taste and add the cream if your waistline allows. And that’s it.

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  1. Flighty May 12, 2012 @ 7:22 pm (#)

    It’s not something I eat so don’t grow it, however it’s well worth growing if you do! xx
    I gave you, and this blog, a mention in my post on Thursday –

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