Sweet Peas for Summer

This week I have been reading Sweet Peas for Summer by Laetitia Maklouf.  Laetitia trained at the Chelsea Physic Garden and has subsequently worked as a presenter on Love Your Garden alongside Alan Titchmarsh. It is the story of how, after buying her house, she created a garden in a year and how you might do the same.  I first thought it would make a lovely gift for someone who had just bought their first home and indeed it would, but the more I read I also realised that there were some beautiful ideas for more established gardens as well, so actually I think anyone looking for some ideas and inspiration would appreciate it.

Anyway today I decided to grow some peas shoots after reading this.

Fortuitously I found four half used packets of peas in the greenhouse; Early Onward, Kelvedon Wonder and two of Meteor. Interesting to know if the shoots will taste different from one another.

This should be the finished result.

Admittedly mine didn’t look as ‘sexy’ as the title of the project or as the pictures in the book….

…..but I’m hoping the net result will be the same.

I bought the book from Amazon but it is only just published so most bookshops should have it in stock. Laetitia also has a very good blog here.

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